Are there any sport programs offered and open to BEST students?

BEST students have the option of using the gym and sports facilities of the University Sports Club for a small fee of EURO 15.

Do I have Internet access on campus?

Yes, BEST students will be provided with a secured Internet access to the University Wi-Fi network. Print stations are available in the library.

Can I use the library?

Yes, the library--including work stations, computers, and seminar rooms--is open to BEST students. However, they are not permitted to borrow any books. This might be done by your local “buddy” students.

Can I use all cafeterias and canteens?

Yes, all cafeterias and canteens are open to BEST students. You will also benefit from the regular student discount that is offered to local students.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?We encourage you to bring your own laptop or tablet to get easy access to online material in the classroom. However, if you do not own such an electronic device, you will be able to use computers and print stations in the library.